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Comica Obscura: Authors' names revealed!

Authors' names have been added to the stories on the archive. Authors, you can now reply to fb in the feedback thread without logging out first, if you'd like.

Once again, the admins would like to thank everyone-- writers, fanartists, pinch-hitters and feedback-givers-- for participating this year, and helping to make 2006 Comica Obscura the best Comica Obscura ever!

We would love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions re: this year's experience, and you can send it to us at Also, if there are any errors in the story headers, please let me know at that e-mail address so I can fix them.

Finally: if you have a c_o recs post, please let me know where it is so I can add it to the memories in this community.

Thanks again for playing, you guys!

(P.S., if you wrote a Marvel or DC story, consider reposting it in your journal and linking it here, so that the dcfic_index and marvelfic_index people can index it.)
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Update from the brilliantest mod ever

(Pssssst, harriet_spy, you may wanna take back what you said about me being a great co-mod... Whooo. Okay, this is embarrassing.

So there was a person in the challenge that we thought dropped out, but she e-mailed me today saying that she did send in her story, and in fact, she DID. (Early, actually, which is one of the reasons it slipped past me when I was going through the comica_obscura e-mails.) Anyway, now that it has been brought to my attention, I have added it to the site. I am *so sorry*. I blame my cold medication. ^_^

The story is Vantage. It's about Icon, from Milestone Comics (a DC imprint) and it is for leadensky. I have added a comment for this story in the feedback post, so you can leave feedback for it right here.

Again, I apologize for being a ditz. ^_^ Please read Vantage and leave comments for it.


In other news, I have been collecting comica_obscura recs and posts in the memories of this LJ. If you have a recs or c_o squee post that isn't in the memories, and you'd like it to be, please leave a link in the comments of this post.
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Feedback post

Feedback post, 4colorheroines style:

As explained in the FAQ, the identities of the authors who wrote the stories will not be revealed until one week from today. However, many people want to give feedback to the authors (especially if they received a story), and of course the authors all want to hear whatever feedback others have to share about the stories they wrote, without having to wait a whole week.

In the comments section below, you'll find each story listed alphabetically. Reply to the comment which has the title of the story you wish to provide feedback for. Please do not click Post Comment rather than responding to the existing comment for the story.

Off-topic comments and misplaced comments on this post may be deleted, because it is as much a tool for authors to find their feedback as for readers to give it.


You may now post feedback!
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Assignments have been mailed!

Everyone's assignment should have been e-mailed out at this point! If you haven't gotten your assignment, please e-mail the mods at

Until the authors of the stories are eventually revealed, please keep your assignment secret - do not post in your LJ about what character you recieved, or are going to write. If you have a question for your recipient, e-mail the mods and we will pass the question on to your recipient. It's more fun this way.

Your assignment e-mail should include your recipient's web page and/or LJ. If you are having trouble coming up with a story idea, or are just curious, you may want to research their LJ in order to get a better idea of what kind of story they might like.

Since there's a lot of entrants in this challenge who might not know each other, it also might be fun to post an entry about yourself, explaining why you requested the characters that you did, and telling your writer what kind of fic you like. Of course, requests of this sort are *not* binding, but it might be nice for your writer to have something to work with.

Finally: if you have to drop out of this challenge due to a personal emergency, please tell us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that we can make sure everyone still gets a story. We are, of course, hoping that everyone will schedule enough time to be sure that they're going to finish their stories before the deadline, but we also know that emergencies happen. Please keep in mind that it is going to be *very* tricky for the mods to find pinch-hitters who can write obscure comics characters at short notice. So if something comes up to disrupt your schedule, we would *really* rather know about it sooner, as opposed to later.

That being said: I hope you're all as excited about your assignments as I am. Happy writing! Stories are due in one month, on March 23, 2005, and should be e-mailed to when complete.
Toons rule!
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Justin Thomas: You *have* to love him.

The facts: He's a strawberry blond fanboy of indeterminate age (it's toonverse. How old are ANY of the teenagers?) with really quite a lot of affection for all things Bat. He's got a cool mom named Veronica. He has some degree of difficulty socializing with other children.

And? He has A HAT.

The meta: sharpest_rose goes into detail here, but really? If you have any degree of familiarity with pre-Crisis!Jason Todd, you might find these few pages rather illuminating in terms of why I'm obsessed with this kid.


I hadn't finished reading this issue before I had to stop everything and demand that Mary find a copy of it for herself. Because for all that I love and am obsessed with the ways in which toon!Tim is a glaring, love-filled shoutout to post-Crisis!Jason? Words cannot describe my joy in finding such a lovely shoutout to the boy's pre-crisis self.

You can learn all you need about Justin from Batman Adventures v1 #33 and Gotham Adventures #3. Because, well, that's everything the kid has *ever* appeared in.

Or you can just read the fic. :D You know, all two stories:

Five things that never happened to Justin Thomas by Mary.
Two Plus Two by Te
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Why Cloud would be a cool character to write about...

Besides being THE single most messed up character ever, Cloud is a SENTIENT NEBULA. Yeah, you heard that right. For a long time, she was a BRAINWASHED sentient nebula with amnesia, though, so she didn't know...

Um, yes. Also, she can be a he. And s/he was in love with Moondragon and dated Iceman. Also, s/he never had any name other than Cloud, so real easy to handle in the "what people call hir" department! ^_^

Collapse )

And now it's PIMPING TIME!!! Yeah!!!

I think I have possibly written the only Cloud fanfic out there, which definitely makes hir OBSCURE.

Lonely As A Cloud and the sequel, Watching. ^__^