PROBE UNIVERSE (liviapenn) wrote in comica_obscura,

Comica Obscura: Authors' names revealed!

Authors' names have been added to the stories on the archive. Authors, you can now reply to fb in the feedback thread without logging out first, if you'd like.

Once again, the admins would like to thank everyone-- writers, fanartists, pinch-hitters and feedback-givers-- for participating this year, and helping to make 2006 Comica Obscura the best Comica Obscura ever!

We would love to hear your comments, feedback and suggestions re: this year's experience, and you can send it to us at Also, if there are any errors in the story headers, please let me know at that e-mail address so I can fix them.

Finally: if you have a c_o recs post, please let me know where it is so I can add it to the memories in this community.

Thanks again for playing, you guys!

(P.S., if you wrote a Marvel or DC story, consider reposting it in your journal and linking it here, so that the dcfic_index and marvelfic_index people can index it.)
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