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Unfulfilled Comica Obscura Requests, 2005

This is the official list of requests submitted for Comica Obscura 2005. We encourage you to consider fulfilling any of these requests which tickle your fancy and then submitting the story to for addition to the archive. Characters for whom stories were written are marked with an asterisk; however, you are welcome to undertake even a fulfilled request, especially since the original writer may not have been able to fulfill the detail requests. You do not need to have been a participant to fulfill a request; anyone can play. Have fun!

Ultimate Emma Frost (Ultimate X-Men) - I'd love to hear more about her
past with Charles Xavier, but anything is fine.
The Drummer (Planetary) - No preferences here, although I'm rather
behind on canon (since I'm buying the book in trades, and not hard
or individual issues.)
Vivisector (X-Statix) - ... and no preferences here, either.
* Mina Harker Murray (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) - I have yet to
read the second volume of the comic, so something set either before the
series or during the first part would be appreciated greatly.

Emma Frost (ULTIMATE X-MEN) -- would love something examining her
relationship with Xavier, if possible.
* Doctor Manhattan (WATCHMEN) -- anything, gen preferred.
Norman Osborn (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN) -- anything would be wonderful,
although I'd particularly love to see a messed-up,
Norman-as-Green-Goblin character study kind of thing.

Brown Betty:
Max Mercury (IMPULSE) - I'd like it to take place in the time period
of the Implulse books.
* Plastic Man (JLA) - the most recent, for preference.
Slam Bradley (BATVERSE) - the most recent incarnation, if possible.

* Eddie Fyers (GREEN ARROW): an encounter with current Ollie might be
Guy Gardner (DC MISC): relatively sympathetic characterization, please.
Tom Kalmaku (DC MISC): possibly post-Rebirth era?

* Bigby Wolf (Fables) - I'd like some focus on the shapeshifting
Beast (Ultimate X-Men)
Emma Frost (Ultimate X-Men)

Speedy II (Mia Dearden- Green Arrow) -- On what it's
like to be Speedy...#2.
Elongated Man (JLA) -- Post- Identity Crisis
* Gwen Stacy (Ultimate Spiderman)- Who catches you when
you fall?

Hawkgirl (JLA) - psychological look at how she's
handling being joined with Shiera Hall
Io (WONDER WOMAN) - femslash, how Io feels about Diana
* Colossus (ULTIMATE X-MEN) - how he handles being gay
with the team, maybe specifically Nightcrawler

* Wally West/ Flash III (The Flash) -- I'd love some Wally/Kyle Rayner
Lex Luthor (Superman) -- set circe that Death of Superman would be nice
Jack Hawksmoor (The Authority) -- no specific requests

Deadpool (MARVEL MISC.) - Humor, preferably during his own title run
Queen Elizabeth (1602) - the effects of Marvel-verse on her history or
something gen please.
* Harm (YOUNG JUSTICE) - his role in "World Without Young Justice" would
be appreciated
Rieken (A DISTANT SOIL) - Anything involving his relationships

The Grynne:
Thessaly (Sandman) -- anything.. her motivations for living, perhaps
Christopher Rudd (Lucifer) -- in hell; during or after "Inferno", if
* Elaine Belloc (Lucifer) -- her thoughts on "family" would be nice

* Lady Shiva (BATVERSE) - maybe something with "temptation"
Big Barbara (JLA) - "things she tells everyone"
Etrigan (BATVERSE) - "a demon in the sun"
* Icon (MILESTONE MISC) - "worthless things"

Brainiac 5 (LOSH)
Invisible Kid (LOSH)
* Grace Choi (OUTSIDERS/TT/YJ)

Aquaman (AQUAMAN) -- anything as long as it shows Aquaman's attitudes of an Atlanteaen not American
Booster Gold (JLA) -- serious fic where he isnt shown as an idiot
* Atom II (Ray Palmer) (JLA) -- mourning, he remembers the good about Jean

Inertia (IMPULSE) -Slash is always good (Inertia/Kon! Pairing of
clones with evil fathers made for potentially dubious reasons!
Inertia/Impulse! Because clonesex is always good), but Gen and Het are
okay. I's particularly interested in what would happen if Inertia
dropped back into real time, our time.
Peter Parker (Ultimate Spider-Man)- Gen, Het or Slash, but canon het,
because MJ rocks. Slash is easier, because Peter will go about having
chemistry with every male he meets-- Harry, Johnny, Logan, Nick Fury...
Max Gibson (Batman Beyond) -anything is okay. I prefer Max and Terry
as friends, but I'm not set in stone about it.
* Tyler (PS238) -I heart Tyler. Bonus points for including Prospero, or
really, any of the other characters.

* Lady Shiva [BATVERSE]
Christian Walker [POWERS]

Spider Jerusalem (Transmetropolitan) - slash if you can manage it,
het or gen if you can't. Although it'd be nice to get the laid, you
know? Er... be as kinky as you like. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. :-)
Setting during or after the Transmet comics, not before they start.
* The Doctor / Jeroen (The Authority) - I don't care if it's fluffy
or angsty, but give him some interaction with other characters, no
soliloquis, please.
* Michael (Lucifer) - anything goes. But some slash would be nice
(I'm easy to please).

Destiny (X-Men) (with or without Mystique is fine)
Amanda "The Wall" Waller (Suicide Squad) (adventure would be great, but I'm happy with anything)
Black Widow (Marvel Misc: Avengers, Daredevil, her own miniseries) (adventure would be great, but anything's good)
* Zora (Powers) (anything in the current (since dead) incarnation, not all that reincarnation stuff)

Victor Von Doom (Fantastic Four)
* Lex Luthor (DC Misc)
Lois Lane (DC Misc)
Frank Ironwine (Frank Ironwine)

* Tim Hunter(BOOKS OF MAGIC)
* Molly O'Reilly (BOOKS OF MAGIC)

Really don't care about specifics, just hoping for
something in-character and NOT set in the "Life During
Wartime" series.


* Northstar (Ultimate X-Men) - I'd prefer slash
Multiple Man (X-Men) gen or slash, preferably set during the current 'Madrox' series
Captain Marvel (DC Comics version, I presume) - gen or slash, with an emphasis on his Billy Batson persona

Eel O'Brian aka Plastic Man (JLA): I would absolutely madly deeply
love a story about O'Brian and his son, or O'Brian's criminal past. A
story set during Mark Waid's "Divided We Fall" would be incredible.
Also I think I would possibly offer to bear your children if you wrote
Eel O'Brian/Matches Malone. Please, no Woozy Winks.
Pieter Cross aka Dr. Mid-nite II (JSA): Something relating to his
dynamic with the rest of the team, especially as related to Mr.
Terrific. If you can manage to work in his blindness and how it's
affected him, that would be amazing.
* Querl Dox aka Brainiac 5 (LSH): Something from the era directly prior
to the most recent reboot. Brainiac saves the day and gets humbled all
at once, possibly with the aid of Invisible Kid...?

Sarah T.:

* Zodon, PS238: has to do something nice; no teacher-student sex, please!
Victor van Damme, ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR: Victor/Reed or Victor/Sue would be fantastic,
as would gen exploring the relationship among the three
Awesome Andy, SHE-HULK

Snow White (FABLES) -- extra points for Snow/Bigby that works.
* Jenny Sparks (THE AUTHORITY) -- pre-death is preferred.
Aleph (GLOBAL FREQUENCY) -- be as weird as you want.

Serena Kitt:
DC: * Carrie Kelley, Lara (Dark Knight Returns/DK Strikes Again)-- femslash or gen up to PG-13
Marvel: Synch (X-Men/Generation X)-- prefer m/slash any rating, gen/het up to PG-13 is ok too
Milestone: Plus (Shadow Cabinet)-- if anyone can pull it off i will love hir forever

Talia Al Ghul (Batman, Superman) - Something from the Lexcorp era
would be ideal - and can we pretend that Death and the Maidens never
existed? ;)

* Mazikeen (Sandman, Lucifer) - Mazikeen/Lucifer would be nice, but
she's such a fascinating character that anything would be good.

Jakita Wagner (Planetary) - Wagner/Snow would be wonderful, but again,
there's a lot to Jakita's backstory that would be interesting.

The Star, Yvaine (Stardust) - It would be interesting to speculate
what her life was like as Lady of Stormhold after Tristan Thorn passed

Agent 711
Ultimate Sue Storm
* Arrowette

Lian Harper (OUTSIDERS) -- Futurefic

* The Doctor (THE AUTHORITY) -- Something with a happy ending (or, at
least, ambiguously happy *g* Aftermath of Human on the Inside would be
nice, but not necessary)


Leslie Thompkins (BATVERSE) -- Any genre. Something that would help me
understand her. No hatefic, please.
* Justin Thomas (BATVERSE TOONS) -- Anything. Really, seriously anything.
* Barbara Gordon (BATVERSE TOONS) -- Any genre. Would love something that
showcases the ways she's different from her comicsverse self.
V (V is for Vendetta) -- Get meta. This is the story that helped define
the way I view the Batverse, after all...

* Piper (FLASH) Assume that Piper was one of the ones
The Top "fixed." He has now been "unfixed." How he
deals with this, or if he even notices, is up to you.

The Shade (STARMAN) Hope O'Dare has asked Shade out on
a date, just like she threatened to. Humor is
appreciated but not strictly necessary.

The Question (JUSTICE LEAGUE TOON) The Question
uncovers a conspiracy within the League itself. Feel
free to make it completely serious, completely
ridiculous, or anywhere in between.

Vagabond Sal:
Tim Hunter, "The Books of Magic"; I'd like to see something set during
his time at the White School, preferrably with an emphasis on his
relationship with Joshua Knox.
* Mitchell Hundred, "Ex Machina"; Political humor, with an emphasis on
the absurdity of New York-area politics if at all possible.
Daniel Dream-King, "The Sandman"; An exploration of the Dream legacy
and if/how Daniel interprets it differently from Morpheus would be

Hawkgirl (Shiera Hall) (JSA) -- romance
Starman (Ted Knight)(STARMAN, JSA) -- gen, focus on
family and legacy
Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) (DAREDEVIL)
* Tara Chace (QUEEN & COUNTRY) -- spy thriller

Zeelee [pinch-hitter!]:

Renee Montoya
Max Mercury
Green Lantern (John Stewart)

David Quinn from Strangers in Paradise
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